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Email Marketing - Email Campaigns - Software for email newsletters


This advanced Email Marketing Software is one of the best for email campaigns, newsletters and other email marketing purposes. It runs on your very own website and you can maintain it yourself. It is simple, effective and advanced and packed with features and has about the same and more features as for example "Constant Contact". The upside of our email marketing software is that it is personalized to your website and does not contain any branding or logos of third party companies, such as Constant Contact.

If you want to look professional, this is the perfect Email Marketing Software for you!

This is the perfect software for email newsletters, for smaller to medium size businesses and will run directly on your website. There are no subscriptions or monthly fees, whatsoever.

We will install this web-based email marketing software on your hosting server, integrate the sign-up forms into your site and you are ready to go.

We have installed this software for many years to numerous websites, some of them with up to 100,000 subscribers. It has done miracles for some of our clients.

One of the strongest marketing tools to keep your client base educated and informed.

Email Campaigns:
Run your own marketing campaigns, brand under your own identity with no monthly cost. Send HTML or TEXT emails to as many subscribers as you want!

Personalized for your clients:
Subscribers will be addressed by their first name in your newsletters. Subscribers can "un-subscribe" at any time. 


Email Marketing


Email MarketingEmail Marketing Multiple Email Subscriber Lists:
You can have several list on this email marketing software, say one for "Clients" and another one for "Prospects". You can also move contact back and forth, manually or automatically.
Example: Say somebody signs up for the "Client" list, it will automatically remove them from the "Prospect" list.

Email Campaigns Confirmation and Automated Emails:
This software will send confirmation emails upon subscription, and it also confirms people email addresses before adding them to the system. This is great to avoid SPAM!


email newsletters Automated follow up emails:
Send automated follow up emails at certain time intervals, i.e. 7 days after signup and another one 14 days later, and so on. You can literally have email newsletters and follow ups send by this software automatically, it will handle it by itself. Like a robot!

Email Marketing Software Email Formats:
You can send HTML (Images & Graphics) or plain TEXT emails, or both at the same time

Email Tracking and Statistics:
You can track responses to email campaigns, see complete subscriber statistics.

Tell-A-Friend "Tell-A-Friend":
This system comes with the "Tell a Friend" feature and offers other social networking tools for book marking.

Optional, you can choose to receive a notification email, every time somebody new signs up to your mailing-list!

Email us for a quote!