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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Opw Lab?
Opw Lab is a web site design and development firm based in Los Angeles. We are specialized in the creation of professional web design and web site developement that are hip, trendy, stylish and a little ahead of its time - yet sales and marketing oriented. We design and layout our websites creatively and inventive, easy to navigate and optimized to today's internet standards.

Opw Lab will create a web site profile for you that is tailored for your style and your services or products. We offer a full range of CMS (Content Management Software) driven web sites, cool web flash components and of course HTML based web sites. Our work ranges from medium to larger budget projects. We are specialized in profile branding, multimedia content ( audio or video files) and creative flash imaging or customized flash features and entire flash web sites.
We set standards before laying out your website project and for the most part quote on a firm price basis. We can layout a simple website that fits your budget, or create something outrageous that goes beyond all measures. Our capacity ranges from large corporate web sites with CMS features, to flash driven film production company sites containing flash movies and music.

No matter what the web site subject might be, we are forward thinking and go beyond standards. We do not follow web design cliche's, we will create what is necessary to profile you or your business in a way that makes your web design not only outstanding but also successful. There is a reason why we why we are referred to as "one of the hippest web designers in Los Angeles".

We are highly ethical, fast on delivery and exercise dependable business practices and daily communication while building your project. Our reputation is what we stand for and we are actively maintaining our report and track records!

Custom websites require a 60% deposit and the remainder balance upon completion and your final approval, before uploading your web pages to your server. Larger projects can be scheduled in increments, depending on the nature of your website project.
Our minimum requirements for projects is $800, paid upon ordering. However, if you do not feel comfortable with this fact, please check and reference with our clients , who are listed on our website and confirm our integrity!

What are the Time-Frames and production time?
We usually complete projects within 7-14 days, if all of the material "i.e. text content, art work, images" are available and we can get feedback from you on a daily basis on the work we have completed for your project.

What are our Rates?
For the most part we will quote your project on a firm estimate. We do not offer hourly rates for HTML or flash work, unless there are tasks that become unpredictable. In that case we arrange a reasonable rate with you in accordance with your project. For the creation of "flash files" or other "custom work " we might establish hourly rates, if work becomes to intricate or extensive and difficult to predict. We do accept American Express, Visa, Master, Discover and Paypal.

What are Opw Lab's Terms and Conditions?
Please click to review our legal disclaimer and terms and conditions

How can I get a Domain Name and web-hosting?
We are affiliated with a #1 rated hosting and recommend their services. For $7.95/month you will get more hosting space than you could probably use, 6 domains in one 10GB Storage, 250GB Transfer rate, up to 2500 Email accounts and also a $50 credit for matching Yahoo Search or a $25 credit for Google Adwords, a Free Domain name and a free Web builder as well. We set up your hosting account and domain name for you, upload your website and configure your email addresses at no charge.
Find out more about web hosting here >>>

What do I need to consider before starting my website with Opw Lab?
There are several important things to consider before we built your website! You can visit our help pages and you will find out facts about websites that we are sure you did not know. We also recommend to sign up to our monthly newsletter which will give you valuable information about developments on the internet and tips and tricks about websites.