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Flash Video & Quicktime Video Comparison
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Flash Video for your website:
Most popular users of the Flash Video format include Facebook, YouTube, Google Video, Reuters.com, Yahoo! Video, MySpace, and many television news operations are also using Flash Video on their websites.

The Flash Video Format (FLV) is an exciting video format that takes the hassles out of playing video for the Web. To present streaming video on the Web, you traditionally would need to download extra software such as Quicktime or Media Player to play video from your website but with Flash Video, your streaming video just broadcasts directly from your Website without downloading any other software!

With the Flash Video Format, your streaming video reaches the widest audience possible, because everyone visiting your site can play it, without plug-ins, 3rd party media players or complex explanations!

Branding Flash Video
Flash video can be branded. We can integrate your websites address, company logo or any other graphic into your Video screen. That way, even if someone steals your video it will always refer back to you!

Flash video also offers a great picture quality at maximum speed. You can chose from different players and controls.

Flash Video

You can show your video embedded in a web page (like above), or you can have it pop-up in a new window.
See more options and examples for how to play your flash video in a new window on the next page Flash Video

Quicktime Video 

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