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Compare Flash Video to Quicktime Video

Flash Video or QuickTime Video - Compare yourself
Compare Flash and Quicktime video formats and decide for yourself which one suits you best. We are almost certain that you will decide for flash video because of all its advantages, but see for yourself.
On the left you can compare both streaming video options. Click on the images under Flash 8 Video or Quicktime Video and view the same footage in 2 different video formats.

streaming video

PLAY Video Click images below

Flash Video Flash Videos Flash Video



streaming video

PLAY Video Click images below

Quicktime Video Quicktime Video
Quicktime Video

Flash or Quicktime Videos can be applied to any image or graphic, text, logos or artwork on your website. Click on the image on the left of this page and the videos will open and play in a new window. With the Flash Video format, your video reaches the widest audience possible, because everyone visiting your site can play it, without plug-ins, pop-up media players or complex explanations.

Flash Video is great, video is "the thing" especially since YouTube.com and other video websites came into the picture. Video saves valuable web space (now also called real estate) and brings your message across like no other online media!
Video is entertaining and stimulating and ads enormous entertainment value to your website.

Streaming Video, Flash Video, Quicktime Video:
OPW LAB offers the complete integration of all these video formats into your website. Please contact us for options and pricing.

Flash Video FLASH VIDEO:
See more options and examples for how to play your flash video from a new window on the next page Flash Video

Quicktime Video QUICKTIME VIDEO:
See examples and comparisons for Flash and QuickTime videos Quicktime Video